The Coffee

Someone very wise once told me that you can compare any tough situation to a pot of boiling water.  When you find yourself in a steaming pot of boiling water (insert traumatic or generally life altering event here), you will either be the egg, the carrot, or the coffee bean.

1)  The Egg:  This is the person who becomes the angry bitch.  This person is hardened by the boiling water and is the type of person you really don’t want to be around.  I have been cursed out many times by these people in traffic.  That woman you passed in the grocery store who was mumbling under her breath about child support payments she hadn’t received (while turning to her friend and bitching about why she can’t get a man to date her) – she is the egg.


2)  The Carrot:  This is the person who turned into complete mush from the boiling water.  This person is so traumatized and soft that she cries at the drop of a hat because everything and anything reminds her of the boiling water.  These people are fragile and not typically fighters.  They are perfect victims because the boiling water makes them soft enough to eat alive.


3)  The coffee:  This person is like the coffee bean when faced with boiling water.  Instead of getting worse, the coffee bean changes herself and her surroundings into something strong – tasty- and better than before.


In the past year, I have experienced a little of each of these characters (the egg, the carrot, and the coffee bean); however, my goal on this journey is to become like the coffee bean.