Media Highlights


1.  This was the first article that was written about my son Prince (as the article refers to him – Prince McLeod Rams).  This Editorial raises a lot of questions about what happened in both Prince William County, VA and Montgomery County, MD.  I hope it makes those who had a hand in what happened to my son take a second look at their own behavior and how they may have contributed to this terrible tragedy.

Death of a toddler raises questions in Montgomery, Pr. William

2.  The Associated Press reporter on this case.  Several news outlets have picked this up, but this appears to be the complete report.

Toddler’s death prompts review of 2 other deaths 

3.  Fox Local news was the first to run a television story about Prince:
4.  News of the arrest
4. The Conviction:
5. Sentencing:
6. My Editorials: